soins specifiques
An anti redness care for the normal skins and a care for dry skins specifically developed for appeasing irritated skins and for limiting apparently and durably diffuse or located redness of the face and the neck. Developed with active principles selectively acting on the cutaneous blood microcirculation for an immediate effect, their daily use appease and restore sweetness, intense hydration and luminosity for a clearer and homogeneous complexion less sensitive to the climatic variations. The Nutritive and Invigorating Body Care has been specifically formulated for dry and sensitive skins and procures an immediate sensation of extreme comfort for a more tonic, better hydrated and apeased skin. A non greasy exceptional care perfectly appreciated after sun exposure for moisturizing, feeding and restoring sweetness and softened of the skin.


A fluid serum with a very fast absorption specially intended for dry sensitive skins and skins subject to diffuse redness. This skincare reduces instantly the appearance of blood vessels and unsightly redness on the face. The result is an even, radiant and nourished complexion

ANTI REDNESS CREAM - Hypoallergenic

The first global strategy for visible, rapid and long lasting alleviation of localized or extended redness on the face. Recommended for even the most sensitive skins. This ultra light and rapidly absorbed facial skincare has an immediate toning down and relieving effect, a quality particularly in demand for this kind of highly irritated skin. Its efficacy is even more pronounced if used preventively