Who is Dr Adam?

Dr. Adam is a chemical engineer graduated from of the very prestigious National Graduate School of Chemistry – Paris. He is also a Doctor in Pharmacy and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences.He has more than 20 years experience of managing the research and development teams of international pharmaceutical companies.

Dr Adam is an inventor and a co-inventor or over 50 patents in the field of human health which have led to marketed and recognized medicines worldwide.

Dr Adam is a recognized expert with the French Ministry for Health.

The dr adam range of hypoallergenic dermatological skin care (an ethical cosmetic resulting from the proven beneficial outcomes) is considered scientific excellence. It is formulated for the most sensitive and fragile skin in order to protect and promote youth. Dr Adam has created a new generation of exceptional cosmetic skin cares with an innovative scientific approach (phase 1 to phase 4 clinical trials). This is termed cellulo-therapie or Cellular Therapy, which is a natural approach to the treatment of tissues and cutaneous problems (or disorders) which can be characterized by the following:

*The exclusive and patented active principles stemming from a rigorous selection of active ingredients of vegetable origin and associated to create optimal efficiency.
*An increased protection against stress factors to the skin and the factors of premature ageing
*A totally safe treatment : all the products have the hypoallergenic label and have been subject to specific tests for harmlessness under medical supervision
*The products are ultra comfortable and are a real pleasure to use
*The ultra soothing and smoothing formulae give exceptional comfort and a feeling of wellbeing
*The exceptional results are proved by clinical studies of efficacy and the Global Satisfaction Index