Clinical studies and patents

Laboratory tests on pharmacological models (in vitro isolated cell cultures) give results which can predict the activity of a product.
But only clinical trials bring the absolute proof of the efficacy of a preparation.
According to the measured criteria, all the clinical studies made with the products from Dr. Adam’s range have shown a real and exceptional efficacy. The results obtained are always highly significant both on the efficacy criteria of measured parameters and also on the Satisfaction Global Indexes.
All the results have been statistically analyzed according to the statistical method of analysis of the t Test of Student.

Dr. Adam’s range of products was tested according to three kinds of clinical protocols:

*Harmlessness and hypoallergenic qualities: were proven by using the Protocol of Marzulli-Maybach on allergic or hypersensitive subjects
*Efficiency: the studies were conducted according to an “open protocol” (every subject being its own control at the beginning and at the end of the study), or in comparison with a ” control group ” with regard to a symmetric untreated zone of the skin of the same subject.
*Global Satisfaction Indexes: studies of satisfaction were also conducted to verify the good acceptability, the good tolerance and the comfort of the products on a panel of voluntary users in normal daily conditions.

Patents : to recognize the inventions.

The granting of a patent certifies the originality and the reality of the progress of the scientific research.

Every active principle of the Dr. Adam range was the object of specific laboratory experiments on validated pharmacological models permitting proof of its pharmacological properties.

This research allows for the discovery of new principles made through original and synergistic associations between natural products known for safety and appropriate use.

No Animal Tests - Results of clinical studies are available through enquiry.