soins nettoyants et detoxifiants
One of the skins primary functions is to eliminate impurities and because of these impurities or toxins are responsible for local inflammatory reactions occur. This is one of the reasons it's necessary to clean and detoxify the skin daily. The Detoxifying Cleansing Milk and the Soothing Toning Lotion were formulated for an in-depth cleaning of the skin in the total respect for the integrity of the hydrolipidic protective film for a more supple skin, smoother and well prepared to receive the daily care. The Total Moisturizing Mask appeases the sensitive, tired or irritated skins and brings a massive hydration to restore brightness and freshness. Due to its fast absorption, its original formula possesses an intense detoxifying effect.


A soft and smooth cleansing and detoxifying hypoallergenic milk for in-depth cleansing of sensitive and fragile skins. Detoxifying Cleansing Milk Dr Adam is a fluid emulsion which removes the traces of make-up, cleanses in depth and eliminates accumulated toxins in the skin, which are the real causes of diffuse reactions of irritation and redness on the face. Its rich texture gives an immediate sensation of comfort while respecting the integrity of the hydrolipidic film and leaving a perfectly cleansed, soft, supple and smooth skin


A soft lotion without alcohol formulated specifically for the most sensitive, congested and tired skins. Ideal to tone up, hydrate and calm immediately irritated skins, Soothing Toning Lotion Dr Adam optimizes the efficiency of the usual care, eliminates impurities, and completes make-up removal, respectful of the pH and the hydrolipidic film of the skin. The skin is calmed, toned up, it regains freshness and purity

Total Moisturizing Mask

For an urgent effective correction to highly dehydrated, listless and stressed skins. Total Moisturizing Mask Dr Adam rehydrates massively the skin, illuminates, unifies and clears up the Total Moisturizing Mask Dr Adam rehydrates massively the skin, illuminates, unifies and clears up the complexion whilst calming feelings of tiredness and irritation, by eliminating the impurities on the surface of the skin