What is Cellulo Therapy?

Cellular Therapy has been scientifically developed and products formulated to identify and combat dermatological skin problems which result from one or several tissular or cellular causes. The combination of active ingredients act in such a way that there is direct action to correct the issues and satisfy the skin’s requirements at the cellular or stem cell level.

*Because each type of dermatological problem results from one or several tissular or cellular dysfunctions.
*Because the cells and tissues which form each part of the skin are different in their functionality and nature.
*Each type of dermatological problem needs a specific cellular and tissular correction in order to maximize the treatment.

It acts on various fundamental cellular parameters for

This is a new generation of skin care, termed dermocosmetic, ethically produced and manufactured, and scientifically proven with exceptional “anti-aging” results. Bring health and vitality to your skin for more youthful complexion. The skin care products are:

*Physiologically complimentary, non aggressive, and respectful of natural cellular life cycles. Promoting regeneration and renewal.


*Exceptional results, clinically proven
*A sense of relaxation, reassurance and comfort which has not been paralleled
*A perfect tolerance to all skin types; hypo-allergenic, intended for the most sensitive skin.

No animals tests